Krystie Steve took home the People’s Choice award at the AIMA (Australian Independent Music Awards) and has been granted…

A young girl who was born in Mona Vale in Sydney’s North grew up in many cities over her childhood, from Perth in Western Australia to Sydney’s Blue Mountains.

Her father was a very talented blues singer, who had the opportunity to audition for INXS in its early days and also ACDC.

Krystie’s Grandfather was a highly sought after Opera singer and sang with the Australian Opera Company for many years!

Krystie’s love and passion for music has definitely been a seed that has grown from a very young age and blossomed into a successful music career!

Writing her first song at 18 years old gained her some attention from some international dance producers where she went on to write and produce a 4 track EP with producer Golden Child. The Ep was shelved and her team at the time decided Krystie try a reality show.

With an unsuccessful audition, Krystie took it upon herself to get in the studio and re-work some of her favourite songs and upload them onto YouTube. Little did she know this was the door to her meeting her then manager and her career started taking flight.


| stiːv |

a father that left this world and created a mission for us not to fear what we have lost but to use it to empower and embody our dreams

2 a legacy brought forward to inspire, change and entertain the world

3  a reminder to never give up on who we are and who we want to be

Krystie’s style and own artistry was emerging, she shaved her hair, started speaking at keynote events on topics such as Depression, Anorexia, Domestic Violence and other very near and dear matters. She was asked by the NSW Police department to write a song on the topic of Domestic Violence and perform for their largest annual conference.

Krystie released her next single ’Sobriety’ which won People Choice at the Australian Independent Music Awards. She had the opportunity to film the official video clip in New York along with performing live on Balcony TV.

Soon after that she released “Play My Fire” a bold and attitude driven female power song which gained a lot of attention in both Australia and United States. Krystie was the official support act for MYA (US Pop Star) during her Sydney tour and had headlined over 5 festivals including Fringe Festival and Sydney’s largest NYE festival at Barangaroo.

In 2016 Krystie embarked on her first NSW tour. The tour was extended over 6 weeks where she performed her two main singles and unreleased music. At a young age Krystie was very talented in dance and Gymnastic and the show-pony inside has never left her heart. Krystie performs with such honesty and energy that she is so good at telling stories with her music.

Snapping up some media attention with the Daily Mail, Australia’s daily telegraph and magazine features, Krystie is set for LA to build on the next stage of her career. Producing her long awaited official EP with Californian producers- Lyre. Release dates TBA

Despite all of her early career achievements, Krystie isn’t shy when it comes to taking risks among the spotlight, honing her own sense of style and edge, she endeavours to create her own handbag label which carries a cruelty-free message and push fashion industry boundaries.

She is also an ambassador for the Butterfly Foundation which is an organisation helping Men and Women suffering Anorexia and Bulimia. Krystie is an avid actress with dreams of staring in film and television!

Krystie is only just getting started and every year is adding more highlights to her career. She’s an artist, a business woman, a dancer, actress, philanthropist, fashion designer and an all round go -getter! This is just the start.